Part Three

Part Three

Chapter Twenty-seven

I awoke in an odd place. It didn't seem like New Hampshire. It didn't seem like Earth. The soil was red. Am I on Mars? I thought. There was no sign of Zane or Lucius. I stood up. My body was clean of all wounds and bruises. I took a breath. The air was a lot thinner here. I was not on Earth anymore. The endless sea of red soil went on forever. I spotted a cloaked figure approaching fast. It stopped in front of me. The Soldier.

"Well, Timothy," he said. "Welcome to Mars."

I drew my sword. "You need to die now!" I swung and missed his head by a fraction of an inch.

He laughed. "Pathetic. Surely you can do better than that."

I swung. I didn't care where I was swinging as long as I hurt him a little. He emerged unscathed every time. "How are you not SCRATCHED!" I yelled.

"I'm immortal, smart one."

"Smart mouth eh?"

"There is nothing smart about my mouth."

"SHUT THE HELL UP AND DIE ALREADY!" I swung even more before I tired myself out. I fainted.



The End

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