Dead Yet?

Chapter Twenty-Five

The Painless reappeared about a minute later, unscathed. "I tell you girlie," he said. "That hurt a bit."

"God dammit! Why won't you die?" Diamond screamed.

The Painless laughed. "I cannot be killed except by one."

"And who would this be?"

"You really think I'm gonna tell pretty girlie the secret to my death?"

Diamond looked at him. The Painless writhed.

"Wha-? What are you doing to me?" he whimpered.

"Tell me who can kill you, you bastard."

The Painless groaned. "Fine! Just stop this sorcery."

Diamond broke the spell.

"Okay, I will tell you everything I know about Timothy," he said. "Just do not hurt me."

"A bastard like you deserves and eternity in Hell," Diamond told him. "But I'm gonna be easy on you." She moved her arm up.

The Painless screamed as he was lifted off the ground and held in place. "Okay fine!" He began.

The End

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