The Raven

Chapter Twenty-Four

"What?" asked Diamond. "I thought I dealt with you."

"Apparently not, girlie. Now I'm here to finish what I started back in New York!" The Painless exclaimed. He drew a new blade, the one he called Yen. "Don't worry, girlie, Yen loves the pretty ones." He smiled insanely.

Diamond wasn't armed. She would have to rely on the Hydra. Rise and kill this idiot! she commanded.

With a loud roar, the Hydra rose from Lake Ontario and shot several balls of acid at The Painless. The Painless easily dodged the acid and threw a ball of white flame at Diamond. The ball hit her square in the face.

Down, but not out. I'm sending a little help, said the voice.

Better hurry.

Diamond stood up and cracked her neck twice. The Hydra spat some more acid balls, this time simultaneously, at the poor, disfigured fool known as The Painless. In a flash, he teleported and shot several orbs of lightening at the Hydra.

Above their heads, a black portal formed and released a raven. The raven was almost as large as the Hydra. It cawed. Beams of darkness pulsed out of its mouth and shot towards The Painless. He disappeared.

The End

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