The Painless Strikes

Chapter Twenty-Two

Diamond had gotten as far as New York. There, she rested for a total of two hours.

"Wake up, my pretty," said a high pitched, musing voice. Diamond peered up and saw The Painless, twirling his blade above his head.

"You!" she exclaimed. "You're the one who destroyed my family!"

"Oh, about that, 'twas a shame what I did to them. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me." He shot her and evil, diabolical look. "Or I can search your heart for you."

Diamond drew a blade from the ground, known as Terra. "You have three seconds to get outta my sight or you will lose your head!" she threatened.

"Oh my! Girlie's got a sword!" The Painless laughed. "Will it fare against Fraen?" he asked, pointing his sword at her.

The Painless lunged at her with Fraen, but Diamond rolled to the left and sliced at his leg. The Painless gasped, then laughed insanely. He whirled around and stabbed Diamond's right arm, her sword arm. She screamed loudly and fell to the ground. Hide! she telepathically told the Hydra. It did so. Diamond's eyes closed, hearing nothing but, "The girlie's dead! The girlie's dead!"

The End

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