Lake Erie

Chapter Twenty-One

Diamond stood up and listened to the voice as it guided her towards northern Ohio.

Finally, said the voice. You've arrived at Lake Erie.

Why here? asked Diamond.

The Hydra awaits your command.


Seven headed water beast of ancient myth. You are the only one that can control it.

I don't understand.

Say a command.

Whatever. Diamond walked closer to the water and said, "Rise." The ground started to shake and the water started to ripple. A shadow appeared just below the surface some yards out in the lake. Piercing the water were seven beastly heads, each one exactly the same as the other.

Now, listen to me carefully, you need to guid this creature to Lake Ontario and let it attack the Shadows located in New Hampshire. There, you will meet me, said the voice. Be very carefull. It will be very dangerous.


The End

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