Part Two

Part II

Chapter Nineteen

Diamond woke up to the blackness of her bedroom. The pale blue light poured through the blinds, indicating that it was early morning. She stood up and peered through the blinds. It wasn't raining as it had been since June.

She put on a black t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. Then she pulled on some sock and her Vans, and walked outside into the golden grass of her front yard. Diamond glanced around at the sky. The new constellation of The Soldier was barely visible. She started to remember what had happened ever since his reign.

When she entered the house of her cousin, Josh, she remembered how he had died. The Soldier split his head with the halberd he carried around. The blood was still stained on her jeans. She began to cry. The mascara she had applied the night before was coming off in lines of moisture.

The End

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