New Hampshire War

Chapter Eighteen

A few days later, we reached New Hampshire. "We need to get to Farmington," said Zane.

"Farmington? Where is that?" I asked.

"Near Rochester," he replied.

"They're close," muttered Lucius. "We had better hurry."

"Why? What's close?" I questioned.

"More Cojin."

"Damn, we better run as fast as our legs can carry us," said Zane.

So, we ran fast. Downside; we ran into hundreds of thousands of Shadows. I drew my blade and got ready to slash some heads. A Shadow jumped infront of me. I slashed its body in half and stabbed another one in the head. I glanced up. The Cojin was producing more Shadows than we were killing. "We're dead," I said. "We are all dead."

The End

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