New World

Chapter Sixteen

The ride wasn't long at all. Maybe two or three seconds. We were now in a world of ruin. Buildings were either down or still crumbling. "Where are we, Zane?" I asked.

"We are still on Earth, but we jumped a couple years," he said. "This is why we need to kill The Soldier and his goons."

"I say, this is quite a dark place," said Lucius.

I glanced up. A giant, metallic, jet-grey creature was flying overhead. It roared so loud, my eardrums bled. "What the hell is that thing?" I questioned.

"That is a giant Cojin, leader of a group of Shadows," Zane replied. "We have to alter the future first. There is one thing I need to do here."

"Like what?" Lucius interrogated.

"I have to revive The Elder."

The End

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