Mass of Darkness

Chapter Fourteen

We ran towards the army, wielding swords in each hand. We clashed with the creatures and started slashing at every dark thing we saw. "Timothy! Close your eyes!" Zane yelled.

"Are you crazy?" I retorted.

"Just do it!"

I closed my eyes, but kept slashing at the creatures. Zane yelled something in what sounded like a different language. "Open them!" he yelled.

I opened my eyes. Beams of energy shot out and through thousands of Shadows. "What the hell just happened?" I asked.

"The anger you've had since The Soldier invaded was turned into energy."

I didn't quite understand. We kept slashing at the Shadows. Something had pierced my right arm. I looked. Blood was pouring out of the wound and all over my arm. I started feeling light headed. "Timothy!" Zane yelled. I again, fell into darkness.

The End

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