Chapter Ten

I opened my eyes slowly. It was dark; nothing but pitch black oblivion covered where I was. I tried to wrap my mind around The Elder's death, and how I was a witness. The memory of his blood spurting from his neck made me gag. The maroon-burgundy colored liquid filled my head.

I stood up. In the distance was a light. Light at the end of darkness, it seems, I thought. I started walking towards it.

I heard the high pitched, manical laughter of The Painless. "You have nowhere to go. There is no such thing as the light at the end of the tunnel," he said. "Of course, there has never been such thing as light, either."

"You bastard," I said. "Light will overcome darkness."

"That's what you think. But I beg to differ. Darkness always blots out the light. Ever thought of a black hole? No light can escape from its darkness."

I started running.

"There's no way out," said a new voice. I turned and looked behind me. "Hello, I'm The Wanderer."

The End

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