Chapter Nine

I drew a sword from thin air, the same way The Painless did.

"Let's see how your footing is," he said. He stabbed at my left side, but I bent and dodged it. He teleported behind me and stabbed at my head. I ducked. "Good, good. You have nice footing."

"Shut up and bleed," I said, slashing into his side. Blood spurted from the wound.

"You bastard," he growled. "No matter. I'll kill you soon."

"Bring it, you rancid wretch."

He lunged at me, but I dodged to the left and cut his leg open. He roared with pain. He slashed at my head. I ducked and stuck my blade into his right calf.

He laughed. "You forget, I am The PAINLESS!" He clapped his hands together. My body became engulfed in black and grey flames. I was cast into oblivion.

The End

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