Shadow of Death

Chapter Eight

"Does the old man live or die? You decide," said The Painless. He held the knife close to The Elder's neck. A worm crawled out of a neck wound, but The Painless grabbed it with his tongue and swallowed it.

"You sick bastard!" I yelled.

"Sticks and stones, boy."

"Timothy," grumbled The Elder. Help is on the way. Trust me.

The Painless, in one swift stroke, decapitated The Elder.

" no no no no..." I said repeatedly. I peered up at the rotten piece of flesh that is The Painless. "You unholy coward!"

"Oh, I'm a coward?" He drew a sword from thin air. "Let's see who's the coward when I send you to an eternity of torture in Hell!"

The End

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