Chapter Six

The Painless had disappeared. How could I have let him go just like that?

Don't worry, Timothy. He'll be back in about a half an hour, The Elder told me.

Okay then, I replied.

A half an hour later, The Painless was back. "Are you still here, Ghost of Voit?" he called out. "Are you!?!?!?!"

I stayed perfectly quiet. "I guess you're not," I heard him say. I heard a loud creak. He turned the corner and saw me. "Aha! You are!" he yelled.

"I'm not Voit!" I told him.

"Please just put me outta my misery," he begged.

"Okay," I responded. I pointed  my gun at him and fired. The next thing I remembered, I was in a place where the sky was blood red and the ground was black.

"Find me if you can," echoed The Painless.


The End

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