The Painless

Chapter Five


I wandered for a while before the rain came again. The sky turned an ominous blue-grey color. It made me feel lonely.

I had finally found a house that matched The Elder's description. It looked like it had been untouched for quite a while. The first thing I notice is that the door was slightly ajar. I walked quietly up the proch steps and into the house.

I drew my gun, which I call Duran, and checked all the rooms. They were all clear, until I got to the kitchen. "Anyone here?" I asked softly.

"So," replied a voice. "You've come to get your revenge for me not avenging you?"


"I know you're there Voit. Go ahead and send me to Hell."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

A hooded figure turned the corner and faced me. "Ghost of Voit, send me to an eternity of Hell!" He opened his mouth and hissed. The rancid smell of corpse made me gag.

"Who the hell is Voit?" I yelled.

Then The Painless disappeared.

The End

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