Chapter Three

On my way back to my home, dragonflies covered the sky. Crap! I thought, He's doin' inferno! Inferno was when The Soldier would send dragonflies over an area to catch on fire. He created these dragonflies with the ability to produce fire. I ran as fast as I could to my bomb shelter and hid.

Five hours later, I came out. Everything was either in ashes, still burning, or black. I smelt sulfur in the air. It's a good smell. Depends on what you like. I walked to The Elder's hiding spot, a small warehouse on the outskirts of Vermillion. I opened the door. "Elder, The Soldier made inferno."

"I see that, young Timothy," he said. "He has also made a sweep during the inferno."


He nodded.

"Wow." I sat down. "What should I do?"

"Do you know where he found The Painless?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"He found him in a place called Sandover, Ohio," he told me. "You must go there."


"You'll soon see, Timothy. You'll soon see."

The End

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