No More Heroes

Chapter Two

I left Natalie's house crying. I couldn't believe that she had been taken from me that fast. I looked up. About a million black swallowtail butterflies flew over head. Damn, The Soldier's making another sweep? I thought. Every month, he sweeps this city for any survivors. I was too lucky to even dodge his sweeps. I have a small bomb shelter hidden away from the world. I hid there.

About three hours later, I came out of the shelter. Wolves were howling as they controlled what was once theirs. I sometimes did wonder if any real heroes were left. I decided there was none. Every house in my city is in ruins, except mine. I hadn't an idea why my house wasn't destroyed. I once asked The Elder; he told me that it was protected by my heart. Yeah right.

I walked to the Old Town Cemetary over on Wabossett Street. I ambled to Column D, Row Twelve, where my brother's grave was. His name was Justin. His last words to me were, "Live free." I wished I could. Wouldn't be long until The Soldier will take me prisoner, I thought.


The End

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