The House

Chapter One.

The rain soaked through my clothes. It had been raining ever since The Soldier attacked.

I entered the abandoned house of my now deceased girlfriend. The house reeked with the stench of death. Her name was Natalie. She was fourteen when she was taken away from me in the most brutal way imaginable. The Soldier physically stuck his hand into her throat and ripped out her spine. I'm crying even as I am telling you this. The only reason I know is that I saw it. I was maybe only four or five feet away. But, that was in July.

It's November now, but the name of The Soldier still remains. My heart was beating fast. I could still remember her last words: "I love you." Then The Soldier had finished his job and sent her to an eternity in heaven. Her words still echo in the halls of my mind.

The End

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