The Soldier Quest

It slipped from my fingers never to be seen again. I gaped after it. The effects of this simple mistake would last for centuries I was sure. My life would never be the same, I thought.

             And I was right. I had no clue how right at the time, but then I was only four at the time and experiencing the traumatizing effects of losing a favorite toy. What I didn't know was that inside that precious toy soldier was a key. The key I would spend my life looking for.

         "Found it yet?" The voice in my ear asked.

        "No. I'll tell you when I've got it okay? Just calm the heck down."


          Thirty seconds later the voice sounded again in my ear, ruining my concentration.

         "Got it?"

         "What did I just tell you?"

         "That you'd... Oh. I get it. I'll shut up now."

          "Finally." I mutter to myself.

           "What was that?"


             My concentration returns to the lock in front of me. I've only got ten minutes left to get in and out. I turn my picks in sequence. The lock clicks. Easy.

           "I'm in."

            "Wonderful. Just find it and let's go."

            "Hey, Kyle?"


             "You're in HQ already. You're not with me."

             "Oh. That's right, isn't it? Well, I was just... you know, making it seem like you weren't alone in this."

                "Uh huh."

                 My eyes scan the room. There it is. On the dresser. In plain sight. Something's up. It should be hidden deep within a drawer, beneath layers of security. Unless...

               "Ah ha!"



              I move towards the table that sits, hidden in shadow on the other side of the room from the dresser. I carefully pull open the single drawer. There it sits. The actual one. The layers of security? A simple lock holds it in place and a weighted pad requiring a code blinks softly in the darkness.

              The lock only requires a single pick. I have it open in a heartbeat. Now for the code.

               3 1 10 89 04 06 96  The lock chirps and I lift my prize from the drawer.

               "Got it."

                "Okay. Get yourself out now."

                "Will do."

The End

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