The SoldierMature

A fallen soldiers last moments. (not modern)

The rain falls on me. Each drop shatters like glass on stone into smaller drops. I trudge forward through the wind and pelting rain. This battle is a gory one. Each step finding foot on corpse. Vultures descended upon the corpses at the edge of the battle to feast on the broken shells that once were men. The first fallen. I come upon my first victim. A small warrior carrying a two-handed blade that was much to big for him. He swung for my waist, but his swing was slow and i easily moved beyond the massive blade's reach. He heaved the blade high above his head. I saw my chance, and took it. I charged in before he could bring the blade down and split my skull. I drove my sword hilt deep in his belly. He exhaled sharply and fell to the ground as I pulled my blade from his corpse. I moved on. I saw my opponent. He charged at me, his spear leveled at my heart. I waited 'till the last moment then dropped to one knee, the blade passing harmlessly over my head. I grinned as I saw the realization of his mistake cross his face. It was too late. The momentum of his failed strike carried him into the range of my blade. His organs hit the ground only a moment before his corpse. I took a moment to look at him. He was young. Only a boy. I turned from the body just in time to catch a blade in the chest. It became hard to breath. I fell to my back. A man  was kneeling over the boy. His father. My last sight was that of a father weeping over his son's corpse. Then i fell into peace. Blissful darkness.

The End

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