The Solar System

Year 6 Project on the Solar System, rather proud of it, don't judge xD

Mercury is the planet of travel

And it surface is made of gravel

Once a worshipped Roman god

Mercury is one of a big squad


Venus is the brightest

And the fifth lightest

Named for love

As it flew like a dove


Earth is next

And it was home to tyrannosaurus rex

Water fills most of the earth

The rest is made of turf


Nest there is Mars

Named for its scars

The planet is red

As it’s the blood of the dead


Next is Jupiter

The god associated with fur

The most important god

Of the huge squad


Saturn is a Roman God

Of something rather odd

Relied upon for a good harvest

He was annually on request


Uranus named after the sky

As it often began to mystify

This planet roots back to the Greeks

When they were at their peak

The End

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