The World is Out to Get MeMature

staff 1: "Hmm, 'mcavengers' seems to be getting lots of messages today."
staff 2: "Yeah, and she's made rather a lot of text posts recently."
staff 1: "Also; she's gained quite a few followers recently. I detect suspicious behavior."
staff 2: "Yep, me too, let's give her: 'The Security Warning.'"

Viki was an active user of tumblr. Infact, she claimed that some of her best friends were people on that website, even though she was still too anxious to talk to them on the internet. But, for unknown reasons, tumblr issued her a "Security Warning", telling her she needs to reset her password.

Now, at first, she assumed it was spam, and by clicking "Reset Password", her account would then keep spamming posts about iPads or something. But after consulting her friend, brucebannerr (after Viki had had to log out in order to send the anonymous message), she was reassured it was legit.

However, the password would have to be emailed to her. Viki had not been having much luck re: internet security this year. Only a month-or-two previously, she had been blocked from her email, and Help have been ignoring her increasingly-angry-emails from her newly set up account - which she has now had to make a new tumblr account with.

Viki very much hopes she gets her tumblr back.

In fact

if she doesn't

she will.......

She doesn't know what she'll do, but be certain that she will not be happy. At. All.

The End

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