The Social BLASPHEMYMature

Karp is either a complete imbocile or he just doesn't know how to work a website correctly.

"Hey, I just wanted to call you... to say goodbye..."

"Wh- oh my god, are you okay?"

"Something... something bad's happened and... I don't know how... how I can keep living wi- without it-"

"Seriosuly dude, what the fuck's happened?! Tell me okay, it can't be that ba-"


"What is it?"

"K... Karp... he's.... taken away our tags."

"Wh- what?"

"Where else am I supposed to legitimately write a paragraph on how I feel about *insert character/pairing/movie/tv show/etc here*, or quote something, or just generally tag for organisational purposes???"

"Um... that's what this is all about?"

"You wouldn't understand, you're one of those people who just never tag with any of their feelings. Don't you see, I need this..."

"Don't ever call me ever again."

The End

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