The Song of Soar

 Hey little girlie, please listen to me

I know I may look like a bird of the sea,

But in truth I'm a crown prince in avian guise

Though I know that to you it's a nasty surprise.


Oh, Jo, please don't argue, I know it's a shock

If you heed my tale keenly, and maybe take stock,

We can help one another and maybe some more

of these people around us so, listen to Soar.


My human name used to be Ralph Van Devere

I am heir to the throne of the kingdom of Clere

I angered a wizard, (I know it's absurd)

So much that he magicked me into a bird.


Little girl, only you can help me break this curse

In return I will help you to find your new purse;

Get you home safe and sound, for your own birthday tea

Now, stop your protesting and listen carefully...


What's that you say, Jo? You're only a kid?

Hey girlie, watch out for that big flying lid!

My goodness young Joanne! Oh my, that was close!

Another inch further, we'd both have been toast!


You may be a youngster but can enlist aid

To begin with I'd ask that nice coffee-booth maid

As well as the old guy there - laughing so gaily,

And the young homeless lad, who passes here daily.


It was fate sent you to me this bright birthday morning

But now little Jo, I must give you a warning:

The wizard who cursed me is bound to be near

And will try and prevent you - of that, never fear.


But it's easy to spot him, this sorcerer dark.

He is drawn to green places, the like of that park,

And though master of magic, he cannot disguise

A distinguishing feature – his bright ruby eyes!

The End

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