Foaminator 2.0

Outside the gates to the park on Main Street was a small booth that dispensed coffee, hot and steaming, any which way you liked it from 6.30am right through to 7pm.

Nancy ran the coffee booth, she was 23, going on 33 some of her gal pals said, and all day long she served up chatter and a pleasant smile to all who called by her booth. On warm days there were fold up tables and chairs that Nancy would set up by the booth and today as it was so fine, each and every chair was occupied.  there was a samll queue growing now but as usual this didn't stop Nancy from being friendly to the customer she was currrently serving.

Out of the corner of her eye Nancy could see Joel walking along.  He was a strange boy, usually quiet, but always waved to Nancy when he was passing.  if there weren't too many customers at the time Nancy would always wave him over and offer him a free coffee to warm his bones after sitting in his cardboard box.

The coffee which was so well loved by one and all was brewed up with gleaming chrome pride by one Foaminator 2.0 Deluxe Coffee Maker. Foaminator loved making coffee more than life itself, coffee to Foaminator after all was life, its sole purpose.

Today however Foaminator wasn't feeling so well.  It had started about an hour into the day with a sort of low grumbling from the depths of his body, had later developed to a build up of pressure that caused, quite frankly an equally annoying headache and a high pitched whine. And then the clunking started. Foaminator battle bravely for a moment before the clunking grew louder and ended in a shudder, something which sounded like a burp...and then Foaminator exploded, its lid flying off and up, across the street, startling both a nearby young girl, and the gull she currently seemed to be having some sort of argument with.

As Nancy looked around in disbelief she heard loud guffaws of laughter, looking around she saw an elderly gentleman sitting slapping his knees and damn near rolling on the floor with that loud belly laugh.

The End

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