Some people said that his relatives were eyesores, but Soar was only troubled by this view when he was shooed away from a tempting piece of garbage or scrap of food. He had been near the park, pulling at an old fish bone, when he was almost stepped on by Joel. Joel stepped back quickly at Soar’s squawking and was so happy about the day that he apologized to the gull.

“Sorry friend,” Joel said, but the bird took off into the air. Joel shaded his eyes with his grubby hand as Soar disappeared into the sunlight. Then he turned and refocused his attention on the park. Perhaps the bird was a sign that his own life would soon be looking up.

As Joel reached the edge of the park, Soar was circling above Main Street, looking for a new piece of rubbish. He noticed a young girl at the corner of the street. Beside her was a delicious looking yellow and brown banana peel. Giving a quick warning squawk, Soar landed beside Joanne. As he tugged at the peel, he noticed the girl’s sobs. She needed help, he decided. Maybe he would take care of her, he decided - at least until he had finished his meal.

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The End

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