Except one.  She was a little girl called Joanne and she was crying because she'd lost her birthday money.  She'd only been given it this morning, and had put it in her new purse - which was also a present.  Mummy had said it was fine for her to catch the bus to the town centre.  After all, she was a big girl now.  Eleven today!

She'd got off the bus at the bus station and gone straight to the music shop, to buy the new CD by her favourite singer.  When she went to pay, she'd found that her purse was not in her backpack.  She'd checked her pockets,and then the backpack again, just in case she'd missed it.  Then she'd come out of the shop.  And burst into tears. 

She must have left it on the bus.  She didn't even have the bus fare to get home.

Through her tears, she saw Joel cross Main Street and thought, What's he looking so happy for,  when such a bad thing has happened?



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The End

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