The Snowball Story

A fun collaborative storytelling challenge!

The game is to continue the story, adding one new character in your chapter - but at the same time featuring or referring to every other character added so far...

Tone, format, style and genre are up to you... so long as you keep the snowball rolling!

Then go add!

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It was Joel's birthday.


All day he'd been wearing the kind of smile you normally only see in photographs. So happy was he, in fact,  that he decided to leave the comfort of his cardboard box to venture through the city on his special day.


And what a glorious day it was! A warm and gentle sun greeted Joel as he emerged from the alley. After an appreciative pause, he struck off purposefully towards the park.


"Always something to see in the park", thought Joel, bristling with a sense that this was the day things would change.


Today he was truly alive... and the people he passed as he crossed Main Street couldn't help but be touched by his joy.


The End

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