The Snow ChildMature

On a snowy night, in an empty street, a child was born.
Based on a Nightmare i had,
Copyright My Imagination MMXIII

Twas a Snowy night of Winter, of which month I am not sure so if you wish to think November then think November, if December think December but do not think January for this year was near the End of it's life and air felt thicker with the age of the year .
Regardless of the time of year it is important to know where this story happened, It was a calm night of a Snowy Winter, by Winter standards quite mild with almost no wind so the snow fell quite gently from the Heavens upon the already snow coated Ground. It was a cloudy sky with no holes or openings to reveal the sky, just clouds tinted orange by the street lights and covering the city like a blanket. 

In one particular abandoned street of  High Raised Apartment Blocks is where this story takes place, The snow on the ground was untouched and undisturbed for no one had live in this area for Many years. The Buildings all stood together in a perfect row. In there heyday they had been beautiful, standing tall, proud and all equal in grandeur. But Now after so many years of neglect they all stood in equal ruin. Broken windows, paint peeling off the doors and graffiti covering the outer walls with messages such as "Jimmy is a Rat " and " J.P Loves L.H" spray painted on them .

On this Night a young Woman decides to cut through this neighborhood to get home quickly for she wishes to escape the cold and she know that no one is ever there. True to her expectation the neighborhood was, devoid of all life....Or Was it ?

"One of the perks of Living in the city is you're always 10 feet from a rat" she remembered her landlady saying. Her Landlady was a small, bulky woman in her 60's who was obsessed with rats, well one rat in particular, a rather large and vicious pest she calls Big Bertha after a girl who used to bully her. She claimed it killed her pet kitten when she first started living in the Apartments and she's been hunting it ever since. "One day I'll skin that Bitch" she would say. Apart from being The Golden Girl's answer to Captain Ahab she was a fair landlady who kept to herself and charged low rent and for a cheap nice room and privacy Our Protagonist could put up with a little insanity.

As the Woman walked down the beneath the orange light of the street lamps which illuminated the street and gave the snow an amber color she saw two people walking down the opposite side of the street. They were an Elderly Man and a Teenage Girl (most likely his granddaughter) . The Old Man was not particularly interesting but the Girl caught her attention. She was quite heavily pregnant, The Woman guessed she was 9 Months Pregnant though her pregnancy bulge was unnaturally large even for a woman on the verge of giving birth. 

They passed each other like ships in the night and The Woman would not have given them a second glance had it not been for the sound that she heard.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh" the girl screamed as she fell to the Ground in agony in the middle of the road as she and her grandfather crossed it. The Woman ran over to help her. 
"What's wrong" She asked in a rushed voice. "No, not now, Please, not now" The Girl cried looking very frightened and on the verge of tears. The Grandfather grabbed her hand and said "It's ok Deary, I can help you, I've been out of medicine a few years but I still know how to deliver a baby" 
"You can't be serious" The Woman said "She can't have the baby here" . 
"We can't move her and i don't know if an ambulance will make it in time " The Grandfather said.
"We'll see" The Woman said as she took out her phone. No Reception "Damn it" she cursed. "We need Help, "HELP!!!!" She screamed and cried out to anyone who could hear. 
"No one will hear you, there's nobody around except the 5 of use " He said before moving down to The Girl's Legs. 
"Miss you're going to need to help her through this " He said as he took his coat off and laid it on the ground in lieu of a blanket. The Woman grabbed the girls hand and looked at her. 
"Calm down " The Woman said "Everything going to be OK" 
"No it wouldn't, This can't be happening...AHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed as she went into labor.
"I know you're scared but you'll make it through this, it happens everyday" The Woman said reassuring the Girl as her Hand tightened it's already vice like Grip
"No it won't be I can't have this baby.....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed in pain and horror. 
"You are going to be a Great Mother, I'm sure of it" The Woman said trying to comforting the Girl.
"No, It's not right, Its Wrong It's Wrong!!!!" she said before letting out another louder scream that shock the Woman to her core. This wasn't just nervous about being a mother, or in pain , she was genuinely terrified of her Child, Not For it, But of it. What sort of child could frighten it's mother before it was even born. 
"Ok deary, one more push " The Grandfather said.

"Please...Don'" She said breathlessly before she made one last push with all of her might before falling back .

She was successful though. The Baby was born, The Woman could see it be she heard it's cries . The Girl looked up her grandfather with a mild look of Hope on her Face. The Grandfather looked up at her with a mixed looked of  horror and disgust. The Hope disappeared from the Girls face as quickly as a candle flame is blown out and was replaced by a grim look. 

The Grandfather got up, leaving the baby on the ground and alone and walked over to his Granddaughter and half picked her up and half dragged her away she moved her feet in an almost kicking motion to put as much distant between her and her child. The woman was confused and the girl stopped about 8 feet away when she released the after birth. 
The Woman turned her attention to the baby, which was a about a foot or 2 away from her and covered in the coat. She walked over to it and lifted the folds that covered it. She nearly screamed. 

The Baby that lay in front of her was unlike anything she had ever seen. In High School she had done a project on Chernobyl and had seen photos of Children born there but even that did not prepare her for this. 
It made her want to vomit in disgust. I say It because it was difficult to tell what gender it was or even if it had a gender, it could have been both male and female or neither. What was certain was it did not look complete human, It was some twisted caricature of human form mixed with some Lovecraftian abomination that dwelled in the back of the mind of a maniac. It's limbs were twisted in unnatural angles and seemed and it was impossible to tell which was It's front and which was Its back. 

Despite it's horrifically unnatural when she heard it it became less frightening and more pitiful, it's breathing was labored and sounded more like a wheeze and it seemed to be in pain. It's pain could only be described as a skinless but still alive animal being dosed and bathed in bleach. 

The Woman looked up at the Girl and her Grandfather who were still trying to get away. "What!!!, How?" was all she could muster in more than a whisper.
The Girl looked up at her grandfather and then to the Woman and finally says "Well about a year ago me and my friend were in the Library when this Freak came in, so we decided to have a little fun with him ................" She was cut off there by a Car Horn and the Vehicle drove past them. The Woman Jumped back in order to avoid getting hit.
As she got up from the Snow the Sound that filled her ears was the screaming of the Teenage Girl, when she looked on the Road where the car had nearly hit her she saw a tire trail of Red originating in the stop where the Baby had been. 

The End

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