The Snow Beast

This is a story about a snow beast(as you can see in the title)who got lost on a journey to see his parents who were taken by hunters...

          Dear Diary,

                                  There was this snow beast today(because I live in a snowy place)Idont know exactly what it was but it was a snow beast of some sort.It was so cute but i didnt really get to see it for long. I am going out tomorrow to see if I can find this lone snow beast and get close to it. I hope I can.                                                               

                                                                         Yours Sincerely Alida

The next morning Alida woke up with stars in her eyes she was so happy-she had a dream about the snow beast-she got dressed and was ready to go out when her mum shouts so her 'Alida get here NOW.'Alida knows what her mum is going to talk to her about. She walks up the stairs with sorrow and now tears in her eyes.'Mum I can explane'Alida sobbed                                                                                                                            'no need Alida I heard that u got top marks in your exam'                                                         'is that all this was about'                                                                                                                      'yes where you wanting to tell me something'                                                                                'no no i just thought you were angry'                                                                                                  'oh ok no im fine im not angry but what would you like to do because you got top marks'                                                                                                                                                              'I want to make an igloo to sleep in so i can look at the stars!!'                                           'ok just go out have some fun and remeber do not go to far'                                                   'I wont'                                                


The End

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