The snapped pencilMature

Its dark.The wind is running through my hair, and the only sound that can be heard is my heartbeat. Its been about two goddamb days since i tasted water, i geuss im getting slopy.

Maybe i should explain, hell if i where listening to this rubbish id be bored to tears. But it aint my fault, every thing i do gets dulled down by my boss. The man walks around like where in the middle of a fucking war, then again if we were then my job would be alot easier.

My name's Mathew Kingston, and im a reporter for hedgeway news. Unlike most reporters im stuck in a ditch lookin in on are great leaders in action, you see i do stake outs and little dress ups and get in on the real new's.

 I do this because i believe the people deserve the truth. some say the people can't handle the truth but i say diffrent, the truth is hard and its not what most want to hear. But if we leave the world in the hands of the assholes i've seen runnin around, then you may only need to look outside your window to see the front page style news. 

Anyway enough of the frown cause its time to get down, down into the dirt of political gang warfair.

The End

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