The Snape and the willow

A disgusting snapey story ( you might feel sick reading in cause it's sickly sweet) I HATE SNAPE!

On a hill far north was a old willow tree which was bigger than a elephant, when the wind blew the tree a strange whistle like noise spread over the whole world, some people were scared of it and some people loved it, one of the people who loved it was a man called Severus Snape, he would lie in bed listening to the soft sound of the tree. One day Snape decided to find out what was making the noise, so one day he ran and ran and ran to find the meaning of this wondrous noise, as he ran he twirled and swirled and after about an hour he was flying through the air twirling and swirling again and again! The wind took him to the willow tree and oh oh oh how happy he was to find out what was making the beautiful noise. Snape loved the hill so much he built a house there and lived there all his life.

The End

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