The SnakesMature

A story of drugs, gangs and consequences.

Synopsis : This is the story of a girl. A girl who had fought in more wars then many men have in a lifetime; before she turned 14. A girl who thought she had to do everything alone. A girl, known only as Beaver.

Forgive me, for it is not often I write stories, especially ones based on my own past. This is to be the story of the Snakes and the dangers we faced. This is going to be the truth behind my mask. This is my story. This is My Past.


I can’t remember an exact date when I got accepted with the Snakes but I know that it wasn’t long after I started seeing Kroger, the “Gang”’s dealer which was early 2005, possibly February time. It would have been a matter of days after first agreeing to date K that I would have met most of the Snakes at Old Park. They were nothing like the rumours you hear on TV. or read about in the papers. They were a friendly bunch. The sort of people who don’t cause trouble, but rather stop it from happening. The whole thing about gangs going out and getting high and pissed or whatever didn’t aply to the Snakes either. Very few did drugs and those that did were banished or were such heavy addicts that they were beyond recovery, which is why Kroger was there.

Kroger knew people, and just about every one knew him. To be honest; you couldn’t really not know him. He stood at 6ft 7”, with a body made of nothing but bones and muscle with short black hair, often spiked and dyed a wide array of colours. Not the sort of guy you would imagine doing ballet as a child of course, but then again, only very few of us knew that and fewer still knew that once this was all over, he would return to his previous job as ballet instructor. I think that was what got him locked up in the end. He got tired of being “dealer” and became careless. Stupid man. Oh, he played a few positions in his time but none suited him more then instructor of the arts.

That’s what most people don’t understand these days. Or rather, don’t try to understand. People in gang warfare don’t generally want to be there. But one way or another they have, and once you’re in, getting out is nearly impossible. But every one of us had dreams and hopes for our futures. We would talk about them sometimes when we were on watch at playgrounds or parks. Scott wanted to finish his college courses and become a plumber and Matt wanted to be a Youth worker. Kroger was rather secretive about what he wanted in the future but I know he wanted to get clean and sort himself out. He too was sick of the guns, knives and the accompanying grief.

Me, I didn’t know what I wanted nor did I particularly care. At the time, so much was going on for me that I had no time to think about the future even if I had wanted to , which I was certain I didn’t. If I began to think about the future, my mind was not focussed on the tasks at hand. Keeping every body safe and doing my bit for the Snakes

The End

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