The woman grabbed Cold by the shoulders and propped him against the wall with anger so fierce that Cold imagined his own uncle, the chief of the army, squirm, cry and run away all at the same time. The woman seemed to growl like an angry tiger trapped in a cage, ready to kill. She stared cold and deeply at Cold's face.

"I know You!" She hissed with a huge, unwelcoming grimace slapped upon her thin, muscular face. "You're Cold, the son of conceited, horrible, heartless, sadistic 'leader' of this world!'" Her grimace became more intense and her throat seemed to scream at Cold all by himself! This at first confused Cold but then he thought "she is a witch, anything is possible with someone like that"  The woman hissed again. "what was that? You little demon! If you have something to say, say it to my face, you worm! Now, tell me what you are doing here, or I will rip all the flesh of your body with you still alive."

Cold Trembled and shook like a valcano but he was reluctant to erupt." well, madame, Len, the man you had just knocked out..."
She screamed at him " I know who he is! he is a hell!"
at this point Len had awoken, and walked behind the woman, lifting his arms.
"hey, Alka! Did you  miss me? well I guess not and my head is proof of that..."
the woman, Alka, let go of Cold and slapped Len. "Shut Up!"

" why are you even here, I know you don't want me." She hissed again in her signature grimace. she sped walked from him and tried to become left alone.
"well I need the oracle readings, some quick charms, and you" He smiled a charming, earnest, almost entertaining smile.

"Len, what do you want me for? I,  mean you do have the little, sadistic, son of the enemy to help you!" This time, Len takes her by the arms and looks in her eyes. " Alka, you don't understand, he's my you-know-what." Alka's face falls away, leaving the human, sad, understanding and loving face that was once covered by anger and curses.

She goes up to Cold, gently embracing him. then she looks at him with hard, focusing eyes. "so this is him." she sighs. "well, I am sorry, and lets get started"

The End

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