The Smithe

In a world were everything is a huge dictatorship and everyone is mentally fed by a virus exploited by the leader. Len Kosive; one of the only two people in the world without the virus, Cold; the leader's kidnapped son, and Alka; Len's Mentor, witch doctor, and love interest must lead people into a revolt before they stop them.


 Len slowly stalked through the long, winding, and almost unending street with a complete and utter sense of what was going to happen. Len felt he needed this sense like he needed his heart; fully and dependently. If it was not the day that he had chosen, he would have been dragged through the streets on his way to the institution; the too-common way to deal with the people of Smithe who refused to fearfully obey and cooperate. He had chosen this day for many reasons and he knew that this was probably the first time in his life when he made his own decisions. Suddenly, there was a deafening, torturing, saddening, and horrifying sound that was all too familiar to Len, life-long orphan who in his life had been tortured, spiritually-deafened, saddened, and horrified completely and redundantly everyday. It was the sound of child, a boy, crying. Only this time, Len will be the witness, mentor and teacher instead of the result. Len didn’t know what was going to happen, he didn’t care. the Smithe is to evil to think about that no one would help but him. He was free, but he was the only one. And, much to his dismay and frustration, he was also the only one with the knowledge of anyone not being free. He knew that whatever he had to do to save the Smithe, he would not do it alone. His walking brought him up to an old, vine infested opera house that was only rebuilt to please the King. He was waiting for the cue to do something that he knew must be done. He took an old cigar and lit it in his squared mouth. Eventually, with absolute determination, he walked through those gigantic, brown doors. He walked out with a bruise on his eye, large amounts of pain in his body, and a child. 

The End

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