The Smiles Aren't FreeMature

Once a upton a time there was a girl named Katie she worked in a Burger Worrld and hated it. She wants the world to know that she is pissed off and...pregant?

" Burger Worrld  may I take your order?" Lucy asked disinterestedly

" Turtle soup and make it snappy" The man in the car shouted at her.

Lucy pulled her head set away from her ears and looked at Katie. Katie was rolling her eyes. Lucy and Katie were both in their early twenties. Lucy worked part time while trying to get a full time teaching job. Katie was finishing high school. Neither was thrilled to be there. Mary who was on the fry station muttered. Mary was in her forties and worked in fast food all her adult life. And oddly seemed content with that. The new girl smiled uneasily at Lucy. Lucy seemed to be the only one she wasn’t afraid of. She was a little fifteen year old girl but they would break her in…

" Oh we have a comedian. Okay Mr. Comedian what else can I get you?" Lucy said dryly

" What you girls have no sense of humour?"

Katie dropped her flipper and ran to Lucy. She said " Turn off your head set I want to talk to bozo the clown"

" Yeah. Like that's going to happen" Lucy rolled her eyes " Sir, are you going to order?"

The new girl looked nervously at Mary. Mary had seen it all. So she wasn't phased by much. Mary gave the new girl a kind smile.

Mary whispered “ Ignore  those girls and hopefully they’ll go away”

The new girl nodded obediently. It was hard to ignore Lucy held on to her headset firmly as Katie shook the life out of her. Katie as always was dying to put someone in their place.

Finally the comedian decied to order " I want  a combo number five and two number sevens, one coke, one sprite and one diet coke"

" $ 27.59 drive up please"

The car idled. Lucy turned off her head set and walked to the window. Katie leaned beside her.

" Why didn't you let me talk to him?"

" Because you wouldn't have just talked." Lucy paused " Are you going to make those? Get to your station wench"

" Wench?" Katie asked raised her eyebrows

" I'm in a good mood. " Lucy shrugged her shoulders

 Katie relunctantly flipped over the burgers and threw on some cheese. She watched them sizzle for two seconds and then threw them on their signature poppy seed buns. Mary was on the deep fryer. She threw the crusty potatoes in a bag with two ketchups each. Always two ketchups each ,no more unless they asked. The new girl was on the pop station. She couldn't be on drive thru yet. She didn't know the till well enough and she was too slow.

The meal came together and the comedian was still at the box.

Lucy looked at everyone " I said drive up right?"

" I think he's planning on paying us in pennies"  Katie said

Mary grunted as she watched the seconds go by on the till. Clearly the comedian didn't realize they were getting timed.

" Drive up" Katie said over the headset

The car launched forward. A middle age man in a small car pulled up. He was grinning ear to ear like an idiot, Lucy had restraint she opened the window and said " $27.59 please"

"I was just counting my money" The comedian said as he plied the bills in her hands

Lucy's restraint was quicky cracking. She grunted and threw the change by the till. She would sort it later. She handed the comedian his food. And quicky set to work sorting the loot.

The new girl set to work playing with the stray ice cubes in the ice machine filter. Katie put the burgers in the warming oven. Mary shook the fries in the fry basket and generally tried to look busy.

Katie looked at the dirty fryer and decied it could wait. She walked up to the till. She opened her mouth to speak and the headsets started beeping a car was there.

" Welcome to Burger Worrld may I take your order?" Lucy asked

" Yeah, give me a minute" The arrogant man said.

Lucy leaned against the counter and said " He sounds like an asshole"

" I think I'm pregant" Katie blurted

" I'll get a signature special with a pepsi..."

" We only have coke..."The new girls eyes darted around nervously

" Just put coke in there,. He won't give a damn" Lucy said

" And a what? No your not getting a ice cream...order food...A chicken delight burger with a coke..." The asshole argued.

"That's $15.59 dollars drive up" Lucy abpruptly ended her call and darted to the grill with Katie.

" O...M...G  I can't believe! Are u late ?" Lucy yelled

Katie shushed her and shoved a brown paper bag into her hands. " Just serve the customer"

Lucy ran to the window. Mr. Arrogant faked a smile and slapped his money on the counter. Lucy cringed but sweeped the money in her palms and quicky shut the window.

“ What do I look like a sex trade worker?” Lucy muttered to herself

“ What?” The new girl asked overly interested.

“ Mr. arrogant threw his money on the counter. My hand was available but no it was much more degrading to just throw the money down. Here you give asshole his change. “Lucy directed

The new girl’s eyes darted around nervously she said “ Harvey said I didn’t have to do drive thru, today”

“ Your just giving a guy his money” Lucy said dryly

The new girl moved slowly to the window. Lucy padded back to the grill. She leaned over the grill and watched Katie scrap it.

“ So did you take a test?” Lucy blurted

“ It was positive” Katie whispered “ You know who it is…”

“ Are you going to tell him?”

Mary interrupted “ He’s the father he has the right to know”

“ He lost that right when he spend my like half my tutition money, now my baby money on coke” Katie said gritting her teeth

“ He still deserves to know…it might inspire him…” The new girl said hopefully

Lucy looked at them nervously “ Fuck, Harvey is here everyone look busy”

Harvey shouted “ I see too much leaning. Time to lean time to clean”

The End

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