"Admit it! Admit it, " Aziza yelled, tears flying furiously out of her eyes. She had Baksheesh in the doorway, refusing to let him come in. She had decided by now that the gentleman who had visited her and told her the horrifying story was telling the truth.

"Admit it! You have been seeing some one else!"

Baksheesh was thunderstruck. "No!"


"Why would I? I love you, Azi-"

"Stop it! Stop trying to win my heart. I know you are cheating on me!"

"Why would I? Whatever put the idea in your head?" Baksheesh asked, tears welling up in his eyes. How could his wife question his love, his devotion, towards her? Aziza narrated the story to him, her voice a scream the entire time, and her face a pitiful red mess of tears and emotions. Her whole body shook with anger, and Baksheesh now felt more scared than heartbroken. What would happen to her? What had happened to her? Wouldn't all this yelling harm her? What if it affected the baby?

"Calm down," Baksheesh said firmly, taking his wife by the shoulders. "You have got to calm down. I didn't understand a word you said, through your sobs, and yelling like this is not good for you, or our child." As Aziza tried to obey and stop her sobbing, Baksheesh pulled her in to his body, and embraced her. Aziza fought back.

"No! Don't hug me! Not when I'm not the one you really love," she screamed, with a new fit of tears, as he pounded her husband's back with her fists. "You aren't going to admit it! I know it."


"Shut up!"

Aziza hurled against him, forcing him out of the doorway. Baksheesh stumbled to the ground, absolutely shocked. Shocked, but not angry. He could never be angry with Aziza. Something, or more like someone, had influenced her, made her go insane like this, made her suspect something preposterous. It wasn't her fault.


But Aziza had already locked the door. And Baksheesh knew that she wouldn't open it again.

The End

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