Fixing a Hole

"Absolutely out of the question!" Beth snapped. "If you destroy her, Jason will give her a different test, or just send her straight to the campus. You'd actually be shortening our life, not fixing it."

"Well at least I'm trying." Murali said calmly, though his anger was clear under the surface.

Beth opened her mouth to say something before Elizabeth yelled "Enough! Really, sometimes I feel like I'm the most mature one here."

All eyes were on here now. Apparently she had surprised them with that particular outburst. "Besides, " she continued. "I have an idea."

"Well, what is it then?" Beth asked still a little flustered.

Elizabeth drew a quick breath before she spoke. "We can't destroy Swapna, but you can plug a hole."

"A hole?" Murali asked. He seemed to have a mixture between genuine intrigue and disbelief in his tone. "Swapna doesn't have any holes. I made her myself."

"Which is why you're the only one who can do it." Elizabeth said. "You have to block the port that Swapna uses to comunicate to the computer that was outside my room. Just for a minute. Once my past self stops downloading."

"Do you really think that would work?" Murali asks, glancing at the ground. He was obviously not expecting a response, and he started pacing.

"Well?" Beth asked shrilly after a minute or so. Elizabeth's sense of time still was far from normal.

"I can." He said after a moments hesitation. "It's how long it might take to do it undetected that I'm worried about. Especially since I'll have to do it at times when I'm not around to know. I'm a horrible liar."

"How long?" Elizabeth asked. She was starting to worry now. If he was going to need more than a few days, there was a very good chance that someone, possibly Murali himself, might discover the plug before she was to go in to the room.

"It will have to be sophisticated to avoid being detected by system safeguards, and even Swapna herself. But still It should only take 2 days at the most."

"Alright, " Beth said rejoining the conversation. She seemed to have calmed down considerably. "Tell Anya to buckle up if she's awake Murali. She's never been in a time field before."

The End

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