Newton's Third Law

Once again Elizabeth was out maneuvered by Jason. That guy was really beginning to bug her!  The three of them,  (four if you counted poor beheaded Daria) were surrounded.

There was no place to go. She felt so.. helpless. Tears  fell slowly, then more rapidly down her cheeks. In less than a minute, her face was bathed in them.

Anya reached out in an unexpected gesture of sympathy and support. Tears rolled down her face as well. Murali went to them and put his arms around both women.  He too, was weeping.

Jason was taken completely by surprise.  He stepped back a couple of times, a subconscious effort to distance himself from the three weepers.

Elizabeth made an attempt to wipe away the tears, but they kept coming. The same thing was happening with Murali and Anya.

The six students took their cue from Jason and backed off as well. As the distance between Elizabeth's little group and Jason widened, the air in that distance rippled!

They felt more than saw the ripple that tightly surrounded them.  It   expanded into a rift between the ones in the centre, and Jason's minions.

In less than a breath of time, Elizabeth, Murali. Anya and Daria found themselves in the tesseract with Elizabeth 2019 and 2029.

Elizabeth 2029 gave each of them a little box of tissues in turn. When she came to Murali, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hello again, Murali"   she said,  and handed him the tissues.

Everyone that needed to wipe their eyes, did so.

"Hello again?"  Elizabeth turned to Murali.

"Yes, I met Elizabeth in 2029  when  Jason took me out of my own time of 1977. We  worked on Daria together. That's why she became a gentle examiner with a conscience, instead of an android monster."

Anya hadn't been in the tesseract before, and she was clearly enthralled.

"There are six of us inside this time machine, and yet we're not cramped, why not?'  Anya questioned 2029.

"Time  and space can expand, if you know how to do it."  2029 answered simply.

By now, everyone was completely dry eyed.

"I'm guessing that it was you two that made us cry. I just don't know why."  Elizabeth said as she sat on the floor of the tesseract.

"Newton's Third Law,"  2019 said with a grin.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction? I don't get it,"  said a puzzled Murali.

"Jason hates tears. If someone cries, he backs away. He won't come close to a person unless their eyes are completely dry. I don't know why. Anyway, in order to get the tesseract between your group and Jason's, we needed space. So we just concentrated on turning on the waterworks." said 2019.

"Why are you here?" asked Elizabeth. " Is Jason's punishment so bad that you had to come back and correct it for my future's sake?"

"If  Jason had been allowed to continue, none of  the three  of  us would have a future. Jason plans to freeze you till he can control your thought processes. " Said 2019

" I built a new tesseract when I was sent back to my own time by     Johnson.   This one has monitors to view our past, present and future, without actually going there."  2029 walked to a wall, touched it, and a screen appeared.

It showed Elizabeth sucking  information out of Swapna. "It was   this instance that brought you to the moment where Jason was forced to freeze, you, and our future. "

" Your action upon Swapna had the reaction of her exacting revenge, which had the reaction of Murali shooting Daria, which had the reaction of hatching a mutiny against Jason, which had the reaction of Jason freezing you. We have to stop the chain reaction by eliminating the first link."  2029 explained.

The End

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