In a Clandestine Manner

Murali glanced down at his wrist and suddenly put his index finger to his lips to shush the two women.

When they both gave him puzzled looks, he took a little writing pad out of his breast pocket and scribbled on it for a minute. When he finished, he held it up for them both to see.

"Don't say any more, we're still being watched," it read.

He scribbled again. "I think there is still another monitoring device hidden in the room. If I remember correctly, it's in the potted plant."

When he held it out for them to read, Elizabeth took the pad from him and wrote something.

"There are no monitoring devices in the bathroom, are there?" She wrote.

When Murali read it, he shook his head, "no."

Anya got up first, and backed out of sight of the potted plant . She walked to the bathroom, which was behind the sectional couch and out of range.

Elizabeth, and then Murali did the same.

When they were all in there, Murali closed the door. He began to speak to them in American Sign language.

"I don't know what the audio range is on the potted plant camera, so I'll use this method instead.  I know that both of you are fluent in this language." Murali signed.

"How did you know that we were still being monitored?' Elizabeth asked in sign language.

"I built a mobile wrist indicator for the monitors. I got sick of staring at  them for hours on end during the examinations. This indicator warned me if any of the video or audio feeds were offline, or malfunctioning, then I'd go back to the monitors and correct the feeds. I'd go over the stored information itself, later. Murali explained.

"Your wrist indicator tells you that there's still a live feed in the examination room. Does it tell you if it's being accessed right now from another location?"  Anya asked.

Murali nodded.

" I have an idea," Elizabeth signed.

"We can use this situation to our advantage. Jason probably knows now that we're going to enlist allies, using Daria. All we have to do is rig Daria so that Swapna only gets the information from Daria that we want her to get."

Murali grinned. "I love it, he signed. "We can use Daria as a sort of double agent, and as long as she doesn't know that she's being deceptive, we can make her into a useful alli."

The End

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