Intriguing Observations

Jason's features warred with his emotions for the upper hand, or in this case, face.

His  naturally pale colouring became the white of school paste.
His breathing became rapid, shallow. He was hyperventilating.
His eyes narrowed behind his glasses with a thousand yard glare.
His thin lips became almost invisible as his jaw clenched into a deep frown.

Elizabeth, on the other hand was delighted. She had to get a firm grip on herself to keep from laughing out loud. She was afraid that if the slightest giggle escaped from her, Jason's head would explode, or he would become violent. She rather hoped for the first one. That might be interesting to watch.

With hands clenched at his sides, Jason turned his back on her and walked to the door. He opened it quietly, almost gently. He closed and locked it behind him.

This was unexpected. She admired his self control. If she had been so overtly bested, there would have been a lot of screaming and swearing. Her claws would have come out.

Jason was a total creepazoid, but she had found herself unwillingly approving of some of his more subtle qualities. She suddenly remembered with horror that Elizabeth 2029 had been married to Jason. Perhaps this was how the attraction had started. He admired her intellect, and she admired his ability to keep his head intact.

The End

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