The sliding doors revealed a corridor of thick glass and steel. At the end of the corridor were another set of doors marked number seven in bright red display.

“The JP-7 Wing, Ms. Quinn. Here’s where I drop you off,” Agent Johnson said as the doors behind her sealed once again. “Oh, and don’t worry, your future selves won’t be able to reach you anymore.”

The next set of doors opened as she walked to the entrance of the JP-7 wing. “Good to you see you again, Ms. Quinn!” a friendly voice beckoned her. Elizabeth recognized the old man she had first met as she was brought in to the facility.

“Dr Edward Johnson, head of the JP Research Division,” the old man introduced himself. “I’m very impressed by your adventures today. Not that I was expecting any less from the legendary Elizabeth Quinn!”

“What are you talking about?” She asked, looking around with awe. “And how's it that a sixteen year old is your boss?”

"You may know Mr. Petrovsky as a sixteen year old, Ms. Quinn, but in reality, he's timeless. Ageless and timeless." Dr. Johnson replied. "Did you think all this was built in six months? No. Once the barriers of time were broken, anything became possible!”

A sense of realization struck her. “So, you’re from…”

“The future, yes,” Dr Johnson replied. “I’ve had the privilege of working with you for ten years, Ms. Quinn. Now I’m in the past to ensure that history takes its course.”

“Never,” Elizabeth retorted, her confidence restored. “From what I can see, you need me to build this time travel portal, which I won’t. So, none of this will happen in the future.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure, Ms. Quinn. We’re at a stage where the future will shape the past. Or the effect will further the cause.  Did it occur to you how it is possible that your future selves you just met are from this very agency which you seem so determined not to join? Does it make you wonder if you’ll change your mind at all?” He asked, flicking a switch and bringing the screen in front of them alive.

“Recognize this?” he asked at an aerial shot of a city. As the camera zoomed in, she saw to her shock the ruins of New York City with rundown buildings. Another shot showed Honolulu with Japanese flags flying high. Washington D.C. Chicago. L.A. All downtrodden, with little resemblance to the way she knew them.  “What's this? What happened?” She asked in horror.

“It was an experiment. What if Hitler, the catalyst of World War II was never born? Would the world have been a better place? We decided to test it out by preventing him from being born."

“But how...?” She asked looking at the images of the destroyed American cities, at a loss for words. The room was suddenly filled with a strange odor.

“In the absence of the mad dictator, the great scientific minds never fled Europe to the American shores. Einstein remained in Germany, as did many scientists. Americans became lazy, complacent and lethargic while the Japanese Imperial Army took over the Pacific and seized control of Hawaii. There were no nuclear weapons in the American arsenal. Meanwhile, Russia under Stalin struck a pact with Germany and emerged the sole superpower, overpowering us completely.”

“These were the results of our experiments from altering events by time travel before we restored things back to usual. While capturing the evidence of our experiment of course,” he smiled. “This exercise proved to us that history could be altered as necessary, and paved the way for our seeding project.”

 “The what?” She asked. She was beginning to feel light-headed. It must be something to do with the gas, she thought. Dr Johnson looked unperturbed.

“Sowing seeds of the future into the past. Creating a new breed of extraordinary intelligence and eliminating the old ones. In other words, accelerating the evolutionary process.”

 “Just relax Ms. Quinn,” he said, holding her as she began to faint. “You’ll be fine.”

She felt a small glassy object in her pocket she was sure wasn’t there before. "Did the 2029 Elizabeth slip something into my pocket secretly before being captured and sent back to the future?" She wondered as she started losing consciousness.

The End

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