Unfortunate Timing

Young Elizabeth paused and shook her head as they entered the hospital. “It doesn’t make sense.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, why are we here? Why would 2029 come here at all if Jason wasn’t born at this time and place? She has to be smarter than us, right?"

2019 Elizabeth nodded, looking around. The hospital had become one of the many city shelters to people displaced by the hurricane.

“How old am I?” young Elizabeth asked.

“You came from February 20th, 2009,” 2019 Elizabeth answered. “You were sixteen years, seven months, three weeks and six days at that time.”

“And my,.. our date of birth?”

“June 24th, 1992.”

“But we’re in August 22nd, 1992 now!” young Elizabeth said. “We were almost two months old on this date! Which means Jason must be exactly two months old as well!”

“Which brings us back to the question – Why are we here then?” 2019 Elizabeth asked. “2029 ought to know when and where Jason was born! Or has she gone mad?”

“No, I have not gone mad,” The two Elizabeths turned to see the oldest version in a doctor’s uniform with a stethoscope hung around her neck, and hands folded to her chest.

“I know things about Jason neither of you know yet. After all, I married him, didn’t I? You’re right, Jason wasn’t born here,” she continued, walking rapidly as the other two Elizabeths tried to keep the pace. “He hasn’t been born yet.”

“But he was born on June 22nd, 1992!” young Elizabeth protested.

“That was a false birth certificate,” 2029 Elizabeth explained. “Got everyone fooled, didn’t it? Just so he could skip a grade. Actually, he wasn’t born until six months later. However, his mother was, or rather is, in this hospital on this day for her abortion. She had an appointment with a Doctor Teresa Rose, but the doctor could not make it because of the hurricane. She saw that as a sign and decided to have the baby after all.”

“So, if not for hurricane Andrew, Jason would not have been born,” 2019 Elizabeth muttered.

“Correct. But this time, hurricane or not, Doctor Rose will see her and make sure the abortion is done as planned,” she continued with a smile as she revealed the name tag on her doctor’s uniform.

Outside, the howling grew louder. Wind knocked the power which was quickly restored by the backup generator.

“Great timing you picked.” Young Elizabeth said with a shiver. Her stomach grumbled.

“This is the only way to stop Jason,” 2029 Elizabeth snapped. “The only way is to stop him from being born. Okay? You really don’t know the things he is capable of doing!”

“Doctor Rose?” a nurse called, looking puzzled at the striking resemblance the other two Elizabeths bore of her, and handed her a sealed envelope marked Dr. Rose. “Letter for you.”

Perplexed, the oldest Elizabeth opened the envelope, the other two Elizabeths peering at it.

My Dear Elizabeth,” the note read. “You’re so predictable, you know that? Did you really think you could change history? Did you think you could break the time travel paradox? By the way, what do you think really happened to Doctor Rose?”

“Elizabeth Quinn?” A voice queried authoritatively, as all the three Elizabeths turned to see two police officers.

“Oh god, not again,” sighed young Elizabeth. She thought one of them looked familiar.

The End

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