By the time the capsule ceased its spinning, Elizabeth was seeing spots.  She staggered outside into an oddly deserted highway.

"What's going on?" she wondered aloud as 2029 stepped out and 2019 tumbled out after her.  The sky was dark, there was a fierce wind bending nearby palm trees.

Palm trees?  This isn't anywhere near home.  Where are we?  A lonely battered newspaper rushed by; Elizabeth pounced on it.  She and 2019 peered at it intently.

"It's from the New York Times, August 22nd," 2019 mumbled.  They read silently: "The Atlantic season's first tropical storm strengthened today, turned into a hurricane and strengthened even more as it moved along a course aimed directly at the South Florida coast."

"That's today's paper, you know," 2029 said over a crack of thunder.  "This is Highway A-1-A, one of the busier highways in Daytona.  Everyone's at home, in shelters, or evacuated by now.  Andrew's just about to make landfall."

Elizabeth's eyes widened.  It was all making sense: the end of August in '92 marked the landfall of Hurricane Andrew, one of the most damaging hurricanes of the time.

A sickening crack split the air.  It was too long of one to be thunder.  The Elizabeths turned, then dove just in time as a nearby palm split in half and smashed the teresact to pieces.  They stared at the wreckage in disbelief.

"Well, I don't know about you two," 2029 finally said, "but I have a hospital to find."  She shoved past them and took off down the highway.

"We gotta stop her!" 2019 cried.  "We have no idea what this might do to us!"

"Forget that, how are we supposed to even get back?" Elizabeth demanded.

"I snagged the plans, we can figure out a way to recreate the teresact's mechanism.  But we have to hurry, we have an abortion attempt to terminate!"

Elizabeth had admitted to herself that she couldn't run, but she'd never been in a situation such as this: stuck in the past, attempting to outrun a future self and a hurricane.  Maybe it was the adrenaline, or the wind that made her run faster, or the low pressure, or the electricity in the air.  No matter, she and 2019 Elizabeth absolutely flew to the hospital.

"So what's the plan?" 2019 asked.

"I thought you had one."

"I was a bit busy running, thank you."

"Well, in case you didn't notice, I was too.  I wasn't thinking, but I wasn't doing noth-"  Something dawned on her.  "Jason's birthday's two days before mine.  Wouldn't let me forget it."

2019 looked at her younger self, confused.  "I don't quite follow."

"Abortions can only be done in the first trimester.  Think about the date today."

"It's the twenty-sec-"  Her eyes widened in realization.

"Besides," Elizabeth continued with a smirk, "this isn't even the right hospital.  Jason was born in Pensacola, up in the panhandle."

"I love it when I think straight," 2019 mused, tousling Elizabeth's hair.

"I'll love it even more when I get to reading those plans."

"Hopefully the other 'I' will follow our plan-format.  We have high IQs..."

".... But we illustrate plans so nearly anyone can follow them.  With luck, we'll be able to find suitable substitutions by the time the storm blows over."

The End

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