The Enigma of Jason Petrovsky

"You understand quantum, calculus, the elements, relativity."  She crossed her arms and leaned a little bit to one side in a way that she knew both thrilled and intimidated Jason.  "Nearly everything the common man does not."

"Keyword being nearly?"

"Exactly."  Her smirk curled a bit more.  "But you must 'get thee glass eyes; and like a scurvy politician, seem to see things thou dost not.'"

Jason balked.  He reached to adjust his glasses in confusion.

"Come again?"

"Ah, have I spoken Greek?  Those who'd understand me would smile at one another then shake their heads.  But for thine own part, it was Greek to you."  She took a few steps towards him.  "'The book and volume of my brain' is immense, and yours may be more immense than mine.  But while you can understand Higgs with ease, you could never understand the twisting of words."  She paused.

Jason began to squirm a little.  "I never did like Shakespeare," he murmured sheepishly.  "English was always a nightmare."

"And yet it's the language in which you communicate."

"The grammar and such always killed me."

"And yet the exact numbers in a formula are absolutely crucial."

He swatted his hand, as if shooing a bug.  "Words, words!"

"Mere words!" she continued.  "' matter from the heart.'  'Words are but wind,' Jason.  Why the fuss?"

"You know perfectly well why the fuss, Ms. Quinn!"

Elizabeth barely held back a laugh.  "I'm sorry, Petrovsky, but 'upon my tongues continual slanders ride.'  Can I help it?"

"You're crazy!  Absolutely mad!" he bellowed, his face reddening with frustration

"'What is't but to be nothing else but mad?'" Elizabeth quipped.

"Will you stop with the Shakespeare!"

"But that means I'll have to say nothing.  'Nothing will come of nothing,' you know."

Jason fumed as Elizabeth smirked.

"You are quite the enigma, Jason Petrovsky."

"As are you, Elizabeth Quinn."

He paused a moment, a strange glint coming to his eye.  He took a deep breath, removing his glasses to examine the lenses.  An odd demeanor overtook him, and Elizabeth wasn't so sure she liked it.  She swallowed

The End

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