"Most Impressive, Ms. Quinn."

The future Elizabeth was beginning to get worried. It was supposed to be an easy assignment. All she had to do was travel to this plane of reality ten years in the past and convince her younger self to join the agency. She was one of the smartest minds in the planet after all, and was also the head of the scientific research division of the Secret Intelligence Agency.

But now she was being put to task by this little chubby teenager who was none other than her own younger self. She was in the past now, but wasn’t sure what would happen next, for she was in a different plane altogether. After all, ten years ago, she had readily chosen the second option and the joined the agency. But now her new younger version had ruined everything by choosing not to.

“Well? Are we going to get out of here or what?” her younger version interrupted her thoughts.

“Yes, yes,” she replied, and opened the door to the portal. “Get in the terrasect capsule with me first. I’ll buy us some time.” 

“Okay, we are now being suspended in time,” she continued as the capsule began to spin slowly.

“I need you to tell me what is happening, who these people are, and why you are with them,” the present Elizabeth demanded.

“It all began with a sect of highly intelligent people who went by the term Illuminati. You’ve heard of them, haven’t you?”

“Sure, the guardians of knowledge. Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci and many others over generations.”

“Exactly,” the future Elizabeth replied. “It started a few centuries ago with the noble goal of having a secret society of highly intelligent people to serve the world. But later, particularly over the past several years, as the leadership changed, so did the group’s mandate.”

“The Illuminati transformed itself into the Secret Intelligence Agency, or the SIA whose goal is to rule the world. They now control factions of different governments all over the world,” she said as the young Elizabeth listened in awe.

“Many world events and disasters, both man-made as well as what were thought to be natural, were orchestrated by this group. The mandate was simple: Keep the majority of the world dumb enough not to know what is happening, so that they can have their way.”

“How is this possible?”

“It’s already happening. Lower standards of education in schools, feeding people with a constant dose of junk information, getting kids addicted to online games and TV, fostering a culture among youth where being smart is considered not  ‘cool’, reality TV shows where adults are rewarded for answering questions which even a third-grader would not be proud of, and so on. All this to keep the vast majority of the population in the dark while the Intelligent Society continues to build itself and dominate the world, widening the chasm between itself and the rest of the world, and repressing any smart ones they come across. Unbeknownst to them, people of the world are already slaves to this society.”

 “And you joined them?!” the present Elizabeth demanded angrily, annoyed that her grownup version would go against her principles.

“Hey, I made the dream of time travel a reality!” the future Elizabeth protested. “Besides, I thought I was furthering the cause of science.”

“So did Oppenheimer when he built the atom bomb,” the present Elizabeth snapped. “We have to stop them!”

“Stop them?! Look at you, a sixteen year old kid who wants to take on the world’s most powerful agency!”

“But I have you with me,” the present Elizabeth insisted.

The conversation was interrupted by sudden jolt.

“Most impressive, Ms. Quinn,” the voice of the Darth Vader impersonator boomed again. “I mean, Ms. Quinns!”

“Petrovsky,” the future Elizabeth muttered.

You,” the voice continued at the future Elizabeth. “I sent you to convince her to follow your steps so that history can take its course. Not the other way round!”

“For this, you will pay,” the voice thundered as the capsule jerked and began to spin wildly. “Both of you!”

“What is happening?” the present Elizabeth asked.

“The capsule is going out of control.”

“Can’t you stop it?”

“It seems to have been rigged,” future Elizabeth looked at the console, typing different commands. “Uh.. oh..”


“The code. Someone has hacked into it, and now it is going through an infinite loop!” she said with a worried look as it started to spin faster. “This will suspend us in time forever.”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t check for exceptional conditions,” asked the present Elizabeth.

“What did you think, that I wouldn’t have tested it against..,” the future Elizabeth replied angrily, and then paused. “David.”

“What? Who?”

“David Lee,” she continued frantically trying to abort the execution without success. “Works in my team. He is the chief programmer who developed this code. If someone hacked into the system, it was him.”

“What do we do?” the present Elizabeth asked helplessly.

She wished she knew.

The End

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