An Unlikely Ally

"Why?  Why both past and future?" Elizabeth asked.

"Because it's possible.  Is there any more reason other than that?"

"So, if you must've known."

"Known what?"

"Well, known that I chose the unknown Choice Three."

Elizabeth could tell she was making her future-alter-self uncomfortable.

"So?" future Elizabeth spat.

"You made this portal knowing that somewhere along the line I made this choice, and that you'd be talking with me now.  In fact," she continued, thoroughly enjoying herself, "everything I do from this point onward will affect you."

Future Elizabeth squirmed in the way that was all too familiar to Elizabeth herself.  She smiled craftily.

She bit her tongue suddenly.

"Yeow!" the future counterpart cried, grasping her ankle.  "What did you do that for?"

"Just testing a theory," she replied innocently.  "Get me out of this."

"What?  You might go running off or something!"

"Listen, you know as well as I that I can understand String Theory but for the life of me I cannot run."

There was silence.

Finally Elizabeth's feet touched solid ground.  She looked up into the Future Elizabeth's eyes.

"Help me get out of here."


"You heard me.  It may be essential to your existence."  Further hesitation.  "Do you need further incentive?"  She pulled at her hair until her eyes watered.

"OW!  Stop that!" Future-Elizabeth cried, clutching her side.

"Help me, and I will."

Silence reigned again.

Finally, Future-Elizabeth nodded.

"Alright, I'll do what I can.  Just... just try not to hurt yourself."

The End

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