The Fourth Dimension

She rolled through the door, holding her breath.  She didn't feel woozy, there was no odd smell.  She chanced a breath; much to her relief it was just air.  She sprawled onto her back, almost laughing at the fact that she was still alive.

Or, at least, she thought she was on her back.

When Elizabeth got looking around, she realized she'd lost any sense of direction or proportion.  Everything seemed both distant and claustrophobically close.  Where was she?  Was she up?  Was she down?  Sideways?  Inside-out?

"What's going on?" she wondered aloud, not daring to try and stand up.

"You have succeeded in the first part," a new, softer, but more chilling, voice replied.  "The threshold through which you passed was the threshold to the Fourth Dimension."

Elizabeth blinked in confusion.  An inter-dimensional portal?

"Yes, an inter-dimensional portal," the voice answered her unspoken thought.  "Your next test may take place here, but first you must figure out how."

"How?  How what?" she cried, but there was already a rhythmic beeping... one per second.

"Fourth dimension... fourth dimension..." she muttered aloud to herself. "How do dimensions break down?"

"It is fruitless to try," the voice mocked.  She ignored it.

"First is points, second is planes.  We think we're in third, but not quite"

"Ten seconds."

"Third has shapes, but fourth has time... so I've just passed through an ordinary door into a mind trick!  The room is set up just so that proportions are disoriented."

The beeping stopped.  A slow humming started, Elizabeth could feel the vibrations though her back.

A blinding light snapped on above her, something snapped around her wrists and ankles.

Cold footsteps approached.

All she could do was helplessly wait.

The End

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