The group packed their bags and equipment and started the venture through the caves. The caves were a labyrinth and it was a dreadful task to find your way in. No maps or directions were ever documented so the group acted only on the feel of direction Captain Cyrano had. Captain Cyrano stopped at a forkway and looked down on the floor. "What's wrong cap'n? Did we lose our way? Bwahaha!" Private Harnatt shouted barbarically.

"No..." The captain replied

"Then what sir?"

"Look for yourself, Private"

Private Harnatt pushed aside the others that were in line before him, and suddenly froze in his place. What he would find next could have made any of the bravest warriors run in fear. On the floor lay a thin ...shape, something that looked like it used to be a male body. It was missing all of its limbs and part of its head was gone. It had lost all of its bodily fluids, the skin was tightly strewn over the bones. It was a most horrific sight to behold. Captain Cyrano put his hand on Harnatt's shoulder to calm him, both kneeled down and looked at the corpse. "Proof enough boy?"


"Y-y-y....yes sir, yes sir... my god. Who or what would do such a thing?" "That's what we're here for aren't we?!" Private Brem shouted in anger. "Did I not tell you something is indeed living here?" "I believe ya damnit!" Harnatt shouted. "Keep your voices down." The captain swiftly whispered. "I knew this man...He was my friend and a damn good commander, I sent him on a patrol along with 15 others last week." "What happened to the oth-" Before Private Djunn could finish his sentence, a drop of what seemed to be some kind of acid fell on his helmet. The 6 looked up and found 15 dried out corpses hung on the ceiling, contained in some sort of greasy paste. "We have to get out of here!" Private Armind screamed. "We will continue what we came here for." Cyrano replied. The group collected themselves and ventured deeper into cave.

The End

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