The Horrors

The Fortress was a dark and cold place, people would disappear never to be seen again. Other times the workers would find bodies of their friends or indistinguishable workers without limbs, heads, and other times sucked out to the bone. These were usually found in the darker areas of the caves. The workers avoided those at any cost, and even today some parts of the cliffs are still never touched or seen by human hand or eye.

Stories went around about a large formless creature living in the dark places. The foremen laughed off these stories and denied them as fiction. The workers however knew better.

Over time when the building was coming to a close, the stories went forgotten. After the building was completed, a large garrison was stationed in the fortress. Months went by, the soldiers trained well and seemed happy about their new station.

After a while however the disappearances and killings started happening again, only this time to the soldiers. The captains tried to keep calm in the fortress by dismissing the rumors that went around about a monster living in the caves. The soldiers however knew better and started to neglect their duty and stayed away from the deep, cold, and dark places. Everyday the Captains would argue with the soldiers about attending to their duties and explore the darker portions of the caves. One of the captains devised a plan to prevent his soldiers from defiance. He would take a group consisting of the most brave the garrison had to offer and try to get rid of the "monster" that lived deep within the caves.

Captain Cyrano shouted for volunteers "I need 5 men, willing to come with me and see what really is down there". A big burly man with an untrimmed beard stood up, "Are ye really believin' those stories cap'n? Ye know as well as I do tis slippery and dangerous down dur. I say those soldiers are just bein' uncarefull of where they step!". "What's your name soldier!" Cyrano shouted. "Harnatt sir, Clyve Harnatt he replied." "Well Clyve, are you willing to join me and find out?" "Aye! 'F course sir" he replied.

"Well then, that's one", Cyrano said. "Who else is willing to join me?" A skinny tall soldier stood up, not looking at all like a warrior. "S-sir..I...I say Clyve is w-wrong sir. My investigations have proven t-th" "Your investigations!? Harharhar! What sol-" Harnatt was cut off by the captain "Be quiet Harnatt!" Cyrano shouted. "Continue your story private". "W-well sir, my investigations have proven that there is something living down there. I-I have collec-t-ted skin samples sir. And I think we are dealing w-with a most dangerous animal". "What is your name private?" Cyrano shouted. "Brem s-sir". "Just Brem?" the captain asked. "Y-yes sir". Very well, are you willing to join me then Brem? "Yes sir" Private Brem replied nervously. "That's two then!" The captain shouted. Anyone else? He looked around, trying to spot brave enough men that he could add to his already shifty group, but all he could see were down-hearted men who lost friends to the deep dark caves and the monster lurking there. Is there no one? None of the men stood up, the captain was forced to pick 3 other men. "You there, the one with the headband, yes you! And you two, guards, you will come with me". The three other soldiers he pointed out looked depressed and underweight but it would have to do, none were willing to join him. Deep down Cyrano already knew for certain there was something down there, he himself had lost a friend. And he knew that if he were to proceed with the exploration he would likely not be coming back alive.

The End

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