Jhon Grage started organizing his band of rebels to make an attack on Vaalnor. He was a captain of rank so he knew a great deal about tactics. He ordered his men to start building siege weapons and started training them in the finer arts of warfare. After months of intense training they were ready. Their number were in the hundreds by now, when the garrison stationed at Vaalnor consisted of no more than 50.

Something went wrong about Grage's plan though. One of his soldiers went turncoat and betrayed him for reasons unknown and told the mayor of Vaalnor about their plan to take the city. The mayor, in despair, sent out riders to recruit various mercenaries from Kvalis and other foreign lands. The gods were good to him with the mercenaries arriving in the nick of time, for the rebels were nearing the city under the cloak of night. The mercenary armies were in such large numbers it did not even matter how the defences were organised. Sources say they were nearly a thousand, mostly cavalry.

Grage not knowing the mercenaries had arrived in Vaalnor decided to go on with the attack. After hours of horrific bloodshed, the rebellion was eventually crushed. Grage was quartered and his head put on a stake outside the city walls to ward off any remaining rebels.

The End

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